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My experience and our future

After a short time in the profession, Ken and his wife, Tally, also a pharmacist, opened their first Reed’s Pharmacy in Berkeley Springs, WV in 1998.


Ken and Tally, who were married in 1993, have four children and it is their children’s future that motivates Ken to run for Congress.


Right now, Ken sees that future in jeopardy.

My values are your values

Ken Reed is a proud West Virginian who was raised on the values of family, faith, hard work and caring for others in the community. The son of a steel worker, Ken grew up in Brooke County and went on to graduate from the West Virginia School of Pharmacy in 1992.

A country that has lost its way

“I see a country that has lost its way, wandering through a quagmire of crippling debt, wasteful spending, nonsensical over-regulation of business, too much intrusion into people’s everyday lives and a health care system that goes against everything I have learned and seen in my 22-year career as a pharmacist,” Ken said. “These are not my values and I certainly don’t believe they are the values of West Virginia’s District 2.”

Make your voice heard with my help

Ken has said he believes that he can make a difference and the best way to do that is to go to Washington, DC and make sure everyone’s voice is heard.


“I am not a career politician. I’m a husband, father, and businessman and I believe we should not be spending money we don’t have,” said Ken.


“Our national debt is over $17 trillion and rising. Medicare is projected to be insolvent by 2026. Social Security will have more money leaving the program than it takes in by 2016. Throw on top the new expenditures for “Obama care” of $1.3 trillion and we are looking at an economic meltdown just waiting to happen. I do not want to leave that mess to my children," Ken said.

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