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"Together, we can make a meaningful difference – for our families, our communities, and our country – on the issues that will impact us the most."

- Ken Reed

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        Ken Reed is a proud West  Virginian who was raised on the values of family, faith, hard work and caring for others in the community. The son of a steel worker, Ken grew up in Brooke County and went on to graduate from the West Virginia School of Pharmacy in 1992.


        Ken and his wife, Tally, married in 1993 and opened their first Reed’s Pharmacy in Berkeley Springs, WV in 1998.  Today, they have four children and it is their children’s future  that motivated Ken to run for Congress. Like many West Virginians, Ken is worried about what  the future holds for our children and grandchildren. The dishonest passing of debt to future generations and the fact that many of our children leave the state in search of better jobs is a troubling combination.


        With our nation facing a $17 trillion national debt that grows by the day, funding crises for Medicare and Social Security on the horizon and the new taxes, regulations and worry caused by Obamacare, Ken is running to bring some West Virginia common sense to Congress.


        As our voice in Washington, Ken will always stand up for what’s right for West Virginia.